Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Love You

finally..2ne1 new word..AWESOME!!!!...i love it so much..Dara look so beautiful and sexy...CL look so badass..Mizy grow up a lot..Park Bom voice is awsome n she is very pretty..I really enjoy the song..i hope you will enjoy it to as much a i enjoy it..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Leisure Time With My Family..

Guess what..last wednesday my parent visited me...OMG!!! I really miss them...A LOT...just by seeing their face really help me to release some stress..

its been almost a month since the last time i met my when my mom called telling me that they were on their way to meet me..i thought i was dreaming..when i realize that it is not a dream..i quickly took my shower and dress up as best as i can for my parents...

around 7.15..they arrived..met them..kissed them..hug them tightly..then we went to the pasar malam that is located near my campus while waiting for my Angah to bought me a sling bag..

jeng jeng jeng...nice x..i dont know about u guys..but i really like it..

dad bought a lebai..

after walking decided to have our dinner at the nearest stall while waiting for Angah..around 30 minutes..he arrived with his FZ150 looking hot..(*please dont get me wrong..he is hot..*)..

okay here's the prove..he's hot rite..okay maybe only in my eyes...

my awesome dad

my happy go lucky mom..

during the dinner..i really felt comfortable..something that i rarely feel..maybe that is the power of parents..around 11..i hugged my parent..kissed them..told them that i love them..n then they went back was a bittersweet dad..don't worry about me..insyaallah i will be a good daughter and reached my dream so that in the future..i can take a good care of both of of you..i love you..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Favorite Song of The Week

Before this, when people ask what is your favorite music group, my answer would be The Gazette, a J-rock band. But now..if people ask me the same question, my answer would be Big Bang, a well known K-Pop group..okay I love k-pop..but not the type of K-Pop that like to act cute...I prefer song with a lil bit touch of pop for girls favorite is 2ne1...even though they might not be group with the prettiest face, but their music is seriously awesome. 

So today, I want to share a few songs and MVs that I keep listening and watching over and over again. I think by listening to the song, you will get some ideas why I keep repeating it over and over again.   

1. Big Bang "Monster"

2. Nu'est "Face"
    Nu'est is just a rookie group but this song is good.

3. Mblaq "It's War"

Well..that's it for my latest favorite song of the week. Actually there's more but this three is definitely my most favorite. Enjoy the songs and the MVs. 

I'm Back

First of all..I would like to apologize for unable to post anything for more than a year. Many things happened causing up and down in my life..the end of 2011, my life is going really really down..because of attitude..early this year..alhamdulillah its going up..thanks to a life changing decision and support from people that i again...Im sorry...

Im sooooo sorry...

To make up, I will try my best to continuously blogging starting from today..and I really want to thank people that read this entry coz at least I know that there are people who care about me..thank you very much..I love u guys..

p/s: sorry for some broken trying my best to level up my English skill..